TCLITD: Part 2 (Whatever that consists of, I don’t know)

TCLITD: Part 2 (Whatever that consists of, I don’t know)

Honestly I am so done with this book and, sometimes (most of the time, not gonna lie) this class. I’m a little bit scared that this blog post¬†rant is going to get me in trouble because even though I’m supposed to talk about what I’m feeling and it’s “my space” or whatever, it’s going to get a little bit heated.

I’m frustrated because we don’t have time to read these books in depth (which we’ve acknowledged as a class and as individuals) but just skimming them the way we’ve been taught to “process” really just isn’t enough to comprehend or even try to take in what’s happening. I did not read chapters 3-6 and I’m going to pretend like I did because I don’t think anyone is going to read this post and I don’t think anyone will be able to tell.

I’m also frustrated because this class was supposed to be my favorite class. I told all of my family and friends about what classes I was taking and what an “FSEM” was (Freshmen Seminar) and how excited I was about my “History of Genocides” FSEM and now it’s definitely my least favorite class because of the content and because of the workload and just overall it’s the worst. But, like I said, I don’t think anyone is going to read this post so it’s fine.

I’ve been putting a lot of effort into my previous blogs. I quote a lot of important information (or at least what I think is interesting) which I’m coming to understand is completely subjective because it’s not at all what we talk about in class. I quote ideas and analyze thoughts and really delve into what I find to be the most captivating and I mostly skip over the names and dates because really, that’s kind of what we were told to do. Not necessarily to skip over them, but not to pay too much attention to them because otherwise we’d spend too much time on the book.

I guess what I’m doing now is kind of dumb because I’m writing a bunch of unimportant shit that a) no one is going to read, b) isn’t even about the material, and c) will not help me at all in the future. But like I said (2 times?) before, no one is going to read this in depth and it’s fine.

I just tried to start reading and no joke, I made it, like, three pages before I had to stop because I was about to cry because of how much I dislike reading this book. It’s uninteresting and long and it’s not even fucking about the actual genocide yet. Someone in class said something along the lines of “I would read this over the summer on my own time because I find it interesting” and I think that’s a ton of bullshit because this book sucks ASS.

Now that I’ve written 482 (and counting) words about how much I hate this book, I think I’ll write a few words about the content. Maybe. I tried that before and now I’m at 519 words about this book being shitty, so who knows?

I might as well highlight random sentences in this book because it’s not going to make a difference because there’s no important information anyway. I looked up a “sick burn” meme but then re-read my sentence and realized it doesn’t really fit or make any kind of sense. So I’m failing there, too. I’m 100% not going to edit this post.¬†

I decided to not read the book because of the following reasons:

  • I don’t want to

So here’s everything you need to know about the Armenian Genocide, courtesy of

I’m going to read that article tomorrow and pretend I know what the book was about. It’s just been a really rough day.

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Lol, not gonna lie, I’m definitely just going to think of these during class tomorrow. I hate this book. Here’s to 4 more (books) !