Class Discussion Notes from Oct. 10

The Katyn (mass Polish massacre) (1940)

Jewish Bolshevikism

Soviets denied it and blamed the Germans, Germans invaded Russia in 1941 and were all “omg, look at these mass graves! look what the Soviets did!” but the Soviets were all “nah you did it we didn’t do anything fuck you” and they kept denying it until the 1990’s when it was proven that the Soviets did commit those murders

Kapo- prisoners that are in charge of the Kommando (a work unit)

Hierarchy from top to bottom: SS Guards, common criminals, POW’s (which had their own hierarchy: English/American/Soviet, early arrivals (low-number tattoos) (Italian Jews are lowest in the early arrivals- it was about their work and highly educated people were’t super good at working)
The camp that Primo was in was a Labor Camp

Lots of Soviet POW’s died in concentration camps (they were in horrible situations)

It was a really smart, scientific thing (enough sleep and just enough calories to keep them alive while they work)

HUNGER PLAN- plan to starve Western Soviet Union- maximize how much labor you can get out of someone as you’re driving them to your death- very rational thing- feed Belarus and Ukraine the least

Some Germans spoke a dialect of Spanish- Ladino (in 1492 Isabella and Ferdinand merged) (Jews fled to Morocco or the Ottoman Empire and ended up in Constantinople, Smyrna, and Salonica (who were in the concentration camps and spoke Ladino because they were originally from Spain)) and Salonica was WIPED OuT- after WWII there were absolutely no Jews left

Kabe- the hospital

Musselman- doomed because you’ve given up and you’re just waiting for death;