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Another Blog Post I Wrote For a Different Class

I actually had to write three blog posts about International Relations; one was about Trump’s Global Democracy Retreat, one was about North Korea’s Nuclear Bomb Testing and this one is about the Drug War in the Philippines. I thought the one about Trump and the 

A Blog Post I Wrote for Another Class

A Blog Post I Wrote for Another Class

If this post were for this class and not for International Relations I’d have been much more aggressive and straight-forward and just overall more vulgar because Trump is a fuckwad “Trump’s Global Democracy Retreat” by Pippa Norris (Links to an external site.)Links to an external 

Class Discussion Notes from Sept. 28

Research shows us X, research X shows us Y. It’s an argumentative paper.

Yugoslav conflict- rape and sexual violence

You need to prove a point and make an argument in the paper- have a thesis

Be specific, make it analytical


Snyder is talking about the Eastern part of Russia when we’ve mainly learned about Germany and Western Russia when we talk about the Holocaust

Bloodlands are where 14 million people were killed (Soviet, German)

From 1933-1938 the Soviets did most of the killing; from 1939-1941 killing was balanced between Soviets and Germans; between 1941 and 1945 it was mostly the Germans that did most of the killing

Snyder is consciously taking on the paradigm we grew up with- framing is controversial. Reasons to oppose Snyder’s paradigm:

Snyder makes the point that not AS MANY Russians died in WWII- more Ukrainians and Poles and Jews (overlaps) and Tatars (Muslims)

A letter I wrote for an assignment last year

A letter I wrote for an assignment last year

My English teacher Mrs. Henly had us write a letter to a friend recommending (mostly just summarizing and analyzing) an article or book we had recently read. I chose to recommend an article titled, “The Dark Psychology of Dehumanization, Explained” by Brian Resnick. It’s interesting. 

The Seven Dwarves of Auschwitz Movie Reflection

The Seven Dwarves of Auschwitz Movie Reflection

Honestly, I’m only doing this because Professor Al-Tikriti said that it’d be good (“not necessary, but good”) to have something other than book reflections on our blog, and since I’m zoning out just watching the movie and I need something else to do, I figured 

Class Discussion Notes from Sept. 21

Dashnaks wanted autonomy, not independence, from the Ottoman Empire

Apparently there were 6 Armenian “vilayets”

Eastern Crisis 1876-78 (big defeat) – they lost Bulgaria, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia (Balkans just shrunk, Ottoman holdings in the Balkans shrunk)- People are fleeing these places and going to what’s left of the Ottoman Empire

In the Russian-Ottoman war, the Russians won lots of land 

The six vilayets were the units that were pushing for autonomy (not independence because they were pragmatic)

Plurality: they’re the largest group but not the majority

Hunchaks vs Dashnaks (mostly in Ottoman Armenia) scattered, the group you’re most likely to meet in the US

1908: Young Turks CUP (Committee of Union and Progress) overthrew Abdul Hamit II

Became evermore Turkish Nationalist

When did WWI start for the Ottomans?

1912-1913 Balkan War (big defeat) (CUP becomes autocratic, Turkish nationalism goes up) – Northern Greece, Albania declared independence (which started the war), Kosovo, Macedonia gained independence

Muhacir – the Muslim refugees from the Balkans

Taner Alcgam (exactly one result on Google)

Wherever there weren’t any Turks they sent the Muhacirs to kind of even the population out

Attitude of Muhacirs after they fled: if the Ottoman empire has shrunk and they lost the caucuses and South of Anatolia everyone is Arab, Muhacirs were worried they wouldn’t have anywhere else to go

Genocide starts when “it’s us or them”

Started when the Ottoman government demobilized Armenian soldiers (early 1915) and sent them into labor battalions

1912 is the real beginning of WWI- 1914 is just when it gets bigger

The war ended for the Ottomans and Turks closer to 1923 than 1918 when the Turkish Empire was established

Sarajevo June 1914

Ottomans entered the war in October 1914

Sarıkamış (December 1914- January 1915) stop attacking Russia in the fucking winter

Image result for duh meme

Triumvirate (Enver, Talat, Cemal) Enver: Minister of War that led the 3rd army into Sarıkamış, Talat: Minister of Interior, Cemal: Commander in Syria (where all of the Armenians are sent) and the Minister of the Navy

Talat issued the order of deportations (there’s a dispute about that; there’s no “smoke and gun”- no one can really find that order)

Mass Arrest- the beginning of the Genocide (April 1915)

Accused Ottoman Armenians of fighting with Russians behind the lines

Dashnak up to the mass arrests were negotiating heavily with Talat- (then Talat basically arrests them all)

What’s the state argument arguing against genocide? Military necessity (Lieber Code) There’s no proof of intent to kill- they can’t find the order, bad apple argument, chaos argument (wartime, people died everywhere), term genocide didn’t exist yet (developed in 1943)- breaking a law that doesn’t exist yet (a legalistic argument), Ottoman empire isn’t actually the Turkish republic (the Turkish republic overthrew the Ottoman empire)

TCLITD: Part 2 (Whatever that consists of, I don’t know)

TCLITD: Part 2 (Whatever that consists of, I don’t know)

Honestly I am so done with this book and, sometimes (most of the time, not gonna lie) this class. I’m a little bit scared that this blog post rant is going to get me in trouble because even though I’m supposed to talk about what I’m 

Class Discussion Notes from Sept. 14

Is there a difference between settler genocides and conqueror genocides?

Were the indigenous people in conqueror genocides wiped out to the extent that they were in settler genocides?

The settler genocides continued for a longer period of time- settler genocides were more “effective” (I hate this word)

French- Algerian genocide: French in Algeria from the 1930’s to the 1960’s- during this time Algeria was legally part of France. The settlers in Algeria were known as “Pieds Noires” (“black feet”) (similar to “redneck” today)

Algeria on a map!
Image result for algeria on a map

Israel is basically a settler society – started as a movement of Zionists in the 1980’s (Jews should go back to Israel)
1948- Israel created, motivated by Zionist ideology

Henri Dunant (d. 1910)
Swiss Geneva
Businessman/ activist
Strong bias
French vs. Hapsburgs –> Austro-Hungarian, Croats, Hussars, Uhlan (Polish)

This battle was the French and Sardinians vs. the Algerians and red Zouave

ICRC: Voluntary, prepared/on call, everyone can help somehow, trained/experienced/professional, organized, international, neutral, not pacifist

Hungarians, bohemians, Romanians, Austrians, Germans, alerians, turkos, Croats, terolean (?) and Uhlans

zuaves, french, Algerians, hussars, Corsicans, Sardinians

TCLITD: Part 2 of Part 1 (Chapter 2 – 6)

Some fun things I highlighted and/or wrote in the margins: CHAPTER 2 people called the same place different things (Armenia was called several different things) “Armenians are one of the fortunate few ethnic or religious groups … that have a long literary pedigree, a collection