How to Process a Book

Author: death date, background, education (what kind of school are they from? Schools of thought, intellectual/legal schools; someone educated at Oxford will be different than someone educated in Moscow) gender, origin, past experiences, their mentor

Table of Contents: headers

Setting: publication date and place; setting- You always want to know the date and place of publication

Look for popularity; reviews, multiple editions, repeated publication information

Names (important figures)

Italics and bolds

THE FIRST THING: look at the table of contents: is it a translation? who published it? (university, corporate, garage) how many editions have there been?

THEN: find the biography of the author; look at the preface and then look at the INTRODUCTION (because the introduction kind of summarizes the book in one chapter)

AND THEN: Skim! Read the first two pages and the last page of every chapter (but not if you’re doing some kind of intensive research on the book)

Look for book reviews! You don’t have to trust the opinion of the reviewer but they always have to tell you what’s int he book- it’s a summary

Google the author! What else have they written? Biography online?