Class Discussion Notes from Sept. 14

Is there a difference between settler genocides and conqueror genocides?

Were the indigenous people in conqueror genocides wiped out to the extent that they were in settler genocides?

The settler genocides continued for a longer period of time- settler genocides were more “effective” (I hate this word)

French- Algerian genocide: French in Algeria from the 1930’s to the 1960’s- during this time Algeria was legally part of France. The settlers in Algeria were known as “Pieds Noires” (“black feet”) (similar to “redneck” today)

Algeria on a map!
Image result for algeria on a map

Israel is basically a settler society – started as a movement of Zionists in the 1980’s (Jews should go back to Israel)
1948- Israel created, motivated by Zionist ideology

Henri Dunant (d. 1910)
Swiss Geneva
Businessman/ activist
Strong bias
French vs. Hapsburgs –> Austro-Hungarian, Croats, Hussars, Uhlan (Polish)

This battle was the French and Sardinians vs. the Algerians and red Zouave

ICRC: Voluntary, prepared/on call, everyone can help somehow, trained/experienced/professional, organized, international, neutral, not pacifist

Hungarians, bohemians, Romanians, Austrians, Germans, alerians, turkos, Croats, terolean (?) and Uhlans

zuaves, french, Algerians, hussars, Corsicans, Sardinians