Class Discussion Notes from Sept. 14

Is there a difference between settler genocides and conqueror genocides? Were the indigenous people in conqueror genocides wiped out to the extent that they were in settler genocides? The settler genocides continued for a longer period of time- settler genocides were more “effective” (I hate 

How to Process a Book

Author: death date, background, education (what kind of school are they from? Schools of thought, intellectual/legal schools; someone educated at Oxford will be different than someone educated in Moscow) gender, origin, past experiences, their mentor Table of Contents: headers Setting: publication date and place; setting- 

Class Discussion Notes from Sept. 7

Most people died from war, not in war. Mostly, people die from famine and disease but we’re most familiar with the killing and violence itself rather than the (not necessarily) inadvertent effects of war. Raphael LemkinĀ (very important dude) is the guy that coined the term 

Important Wars & Dates & People I Should Make A Note Of:

Notes from September 5, 2017 SHERMAN: only famous in the US; make war so terrible that they’ll never do it again; you can attack civilians in situations of military necessity/when necessary; Limited war isn’t really popular because it’s easier to write laws than it is