Class Discussion Notes from Nov. 16 (More on Cambodia)

French imperialism explains Why everyone studied in France There are a lot of Vietnamese Catholics French Indochina (now Southeast Asia) (1884-1950’s) Laos Cambodia Vietnam WWII Japan occupied all of this area- Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere Trying to kick out European Colonialism French: Indochina British: Hong 

Guidelines for a 10-minute Presentation

Not too much text on your powerpoint/prezi Integrate the image with the text Maps, photos, videos, cartoons, all good images Don’t read the paper Handouts are welcome Criteria: Clarity of thesis Organization and development of the argument A well-organized argument Every sentence should be grammatically 

Class Discussion Notes from October 31

Differences between Gourevitch and Epstein Gourevitch focused more on Rwanda and less on Uganda Epstein kinda of indicted Gourevitch didn’t really talk about the United States but Epstein totally did Epstein didn’t villainize the Hutus or the Tutsis but Gourevitch made the Hutus the ‘bad 

Class Discussion from Oct. 26

Juvenal Habyarimana of 1994 (created NRMD) 1973 2nd Republic Hutu Power Another key player in Habyarimana’s regime: Madame Agatha (his wife?)- a fuckin crazy lady (wife of the Philippino president in the 1980’s)- helped make him powerful, an element of corruption Rwandan Army- FAR (Rwandan 

Class Discussion Notes from Oct. 24

This book is a “narrative approach to a set of events.” Oops, we kind of had to read the whole thing, which I absolutely¬†100% did not do. Is this a primary source? “Primary source” is not a yes/no answer type thing- it’s more of a 

Class Discussion Notes from Oct. 12

Hunger Plan Barbarossa Molotov-Ribbentrop Pogram Operation Hermann (Goering) Lebensraum- Aryan race (white surpremacy, anyone?) General Plan “Ost” Operation Reinhard Social Darwinism- 19th century idea that reaches its peak during the 1940s “Winning race”: ubermensch, “losing race”: undermensch They didn’t really think that they were better, 

Class Discussion Notes from Oct. 10

The Katyn (mass Polish massacre) (1940) Jewish Bolshevikism Soviets denied it and blamed the Germans, Germans invaded Russia in 1941 and were all “omg, look at these mass graves! look what the Soviets did!” but the Soviets were all “nah you did it we didn’t 

Class Discussion Notes from Sept. 28

Research shows us X, research X shows us Y. It’s an argumentative paper. Yugoslav conflict- rape and sexual violence You need to prove a point and make an argument in the paper- have a thesis Be specific, make it analytical BLOODLANDS Snyder is talking about 

Class Discussion Notes from Sept. 21

Dashnaks wanted autonomy, not independence, from the Ottoman Empire Apparently there were 6 Armenian “vilayets” Eastern Crisis 1876-78 (big defeat) – they lost Bulgaria, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia (Balkans just shrunk, Ottoman holdings in the Balkans shrunk)- People are fleeing these places and going to what’s