Class Discussion Notes from Sept. 28

Research shows us X, research X shows us Y. It’s an argumentative paper.

Yugoslav conflict- rape and sexual violence

You need to prove a point and make an argument in the paper- have a thesis

Be specific, make it analytical


Snyder is talking about the Eastern part of Russia when we’ve mainly learned about Germany and Western Russia when we talk about the Holocaust

Bloodlands are where 14 million people were killed (Soviet, German)

From 1933-1938 the Soviets did most of the killing; from 1939-1941 killing was balanced between Soviets and Germans; between 1941 and 1945 it was mostly the Germans that did most of the killing

Snyder is consciously taking on the paradigm we grew up with- framing is controversial. Reasons to oppose Snyder’s paradigm:

Snyder makes the point that not AS MANY Russians died in WWII- more Ukrainians and Poles and Jews (overlaps) and Tatars (Muslims)