Month: October 2017

Class Discussion Notes from October 31

Differences between Gourevitch and Epstein Gourevitch focused more on Rwanda and less on Uganda Epstein kinda of indicted Gourevitch didn’t really talk about the United States but Epstein totally did Epstein didn’t villainize the Hutus or the Tutsis but Gourevitch made the Hutus the ‘bad 

America’s Secret Role in the Rwandan Genocide- Helen C. Epstein

America’s Secret Role in the Rwandan Genocide- Helen C. Epstein

When I read this the first time I just underlined and defined the words I didn’t know, and man, I wish I had read the content the first time around because I’m tired now, drinking my 9th shot of espresso this morning (it’s only 9:38 am) 

Class Discussion from Oct. 26

Juvenal Habyarimana of 1994 (created NRMD)


2nd Republic

Hutu Power

Another key player in Habyarimana’s regime: Madame Agatha (his wife?)- a fuckin crazy lady (wife of the Philippino president in the 1980’s)- helped make him powerful, an element of corruption

Rwandan Army- FAR (Rwandan Armed Forces) vs. RPF

Uganda- Museveni, Youeri 1986-now (Hima)

Zaine- Congo



There was a big massacre in the 1970’s, Tutsi’s Dictatorship

Bitter Harvest Movie Reflection

I’m actually 100% not going to write a reflection on this movie because I have to do a reading for this class but Wikipedia says it’s an action-romance-drama-type-thing so I don’t think I’m missing out on much, yikes.

Class Discussion Notes from Oct. 24

This book is a “narrative approach to a set of events.” Oops, we kind of had to read the whole thing, which I absolutely 100% did not do. Is this a primary source? “Primary source” is not a yes/no answer type thing- it’s more of a 

Class Discussion Notes from Oct. 12

Hunger Plan




Operation Hermann (Goering)

Lebensraum- Aryan race (white surpremacy, anyone?)

General Plan “Ost”

Operation Reinhard

Social Darwinism- 19th century idea that reaches its peak during the 1940s

“Winning race”: ubermensch, “losing race”: undermensch

They didn’t really think that they were better, just that they had to be better or they’d fuckin’ die. The Slavs and the Jews were the enemies

Madagascar Plan- All of the Jews in Europe go on boats and go to Madagascar (French came up with this plan)

Send Germans out East to the farmland to Leibensraum

Plan C: Hunger Plan
Plan D: Final Solution

Class Discussion Notes from Oct. 10

The Katyn (mass Polish massacre) (1940) Jewish Bolshevikism Soviets denied it and blamed the Germans, Germans invaded Russia in 1941 and were all “omg, look at these mass graves! look what the Soviets did!” but the Soviets were all “nah you did it we didn’t 

Survival in Auschwitz Ch 1-6

I know that this assigned reading is only one reading (the whole book) but I’m not about to have a page on my blog with only one post on it because that’s just dumb. I divided it. I also know that I had enough time 

Another Blog Post I Wrote For a Different Class

I actually had to write three blog posts about International Relations; one was about Trump’s Global Democracy Retreat, one was about North Korea’s Nuclear Bomb Testing and this one is about the Drug War in the Philippines. I thought the one about Trump and the one about the Drug War were the most applicable to this class, even though neither of them.. really.. are..

“Killings of Three Teens Prompts Public Scorn Over Duterte’s Philippine Drug War” by Nick Robins-Early in Huffington Post (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

This article is protests against President Rodrigo Duterte in regards to the anti-drug campaign, which has become increasingly violent. “Much of the outrage has stemmed from three highly publicized killings where police are alleged to have targeted young Filipinos and covered up their brutal murders” (Robins-Early).

I’m not going to write about the specifics of this conflict because honestly it’s gruesome and just really sad. Carl Arnaiz, one of the victims, was claimed to have died in a “shootout after attempting to rob a cab driver,” but reports showed that “he had been shot while on his knees and potentially tortured” (Robins-Early). Every time I think that police brutality is bad in the United States (I’m not at all claiming that it isn’t, because I agree that it is a real problem here) I’m going to think of what’s happening currently in the Philippines. “Public suspicion of police accounts in the drug war is common in the Philippines, and a poll released on Wednesday showed that about half of the country believes that many of those killed are neither drug dealers nor resisted arrest.”

Another article, “Philippines ‘War on Drugs’” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. courtesy of Human Rights Watch, explains that “since taking office on June 30, 2016, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has carried out a “war on drugs” that has led to the deaths of over 7,000 Filipinos to date, mostly urban poor” (Philippines’ ‘War on Drugs’). Research conducted by HRW (although I did no further investigation on this) suggests that police are “falsifying evidence to justify the unlawful killings,” but “Duterte has vowed to continue the campaign” (Philippines’ ‘War on Drugs’).

Amnesty International researched Rachel Chhoa-Howard says “the drug war has spiraled out of control” and although I know very little about this issue except for the <1,000 words that I’ve read I fully agree. When children start to be targeted (“what we have seen is a sinister evolution in how children are targeted,” says Phelim Kine, deputy Asia director for HRW) and half the population suspect that police are involved in excessive brutality and its cover-up, something has to be done. And the fact that Duterte has not done anything about that issue and has decided to continue this war on drugs is a real problem.

Children and minors in general used to be “collateral” damage but “Kine says that the recent deaths highlight that police and vigilantes are also targeting minors” and “Although Duterte has promised an investigation into the killings and police are carrying our internal probes, rights groups believe that the government and security forces can’t be trusted to credibly hold themselves accountable” (Robins-Early). Kine also says that at this point, the United Nations’ involvement is urgent.

“Duterte and his allies have continuously supported the drug war ― often viciously objecting to human rights groups’ concerns ― and have attempted to crackdown on any dissent against their rule” (Robins-Early). Just because of who I am as a person and the views and opinions I hold as a Left-Libertarian, I have to throw in that I’m scared this is where our country is heading. Perhaps not to this extent and perhaps not in direct relation to a war on drugs, but I do think that Trump (there, I said it) wants what he wants and ignores or objects to anyone that thinks differently. I’m scared we’re headed for a dictatorship.

Anyway, forgive my extensive quoting and opinionated opinions.

A Blog Post I Wrote for Another Class

A Blog Post I Wrote for Another Class

If this post were for this class and not for International Relations I’d have been much more aggressive and straight-forward and just overall more vulgar because Trump is a fuckwad “Trump’s Global Democracy Retreat” by Pippa Norris (Links to an external site.)Links to an external